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Bode Architecture Ltd., established in Canterbury since 2001, provide bespoke architectural and project management services to a premium group of clients throughout New Zealand.

Our practice has experience in a wide variety of developments, including Individual homes, multi residential developments, apartments, hospitality, institutional, commercial and industrial buildings, residential and commercial interiors. These projects provide us with an excellent insight into spatial utilisation, visual form and construction techniques. We work successfully with individuals, development groups and construction companies to provide architectural services as required, allowing us to keep abreast with the latest construction techniques. There are no standard designs. We provide original architectural work specific to our clients’ project requirements. We address key design issues such as location, context, neighbouring features, urban fabric, streetscapes, active edge, public realm, circulation, climate etc., in addition to all legal & planning requirements. Relevant site features recorded and examined with analytical diagrams, sketches and computer generated models.
The scope of services provided by our practice is comprehensive and can be provided to any degree, on an individual basis or as part of a consultant team. Our office can also structure a team of sub-consultants to form a multidisciplinary and complementary group to address the complex challenges facing projects today. We partner our clients to achieve projects that are pertinent, functional and cost effective, while being visually and spatially distinctive. Our considerations of innovative planning, sensitive site response, cost effectiveness, practicality and ongoing maintenance, sustainability and energy efficiency, ensure successful, social, lifestyle and financial outcomes. Our directors have more than 30 years of professional architectural and building experience, and remain directly involved with your project throughout the realisation process.

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